Whether you are looking for a traditional 4 bedroom two-story, spacious ranch or a unique transitional home, Combs Builders has the experience and ability to build your new home to fit your needs and life style.Owners Rich and Rob Combs have been building quality homes in the Greater Cincinnati area since 1985. Combs Builders specializes in the “hands-on” approach to residential building. As a Combs Builders client, you will deal directly with either Rich or Rob throughout the entire building process – from plan design assistance to the final walk through and warranty items. There are no secondary sales assistants or job supervisors unfamiliar with your particular needs, wants and expectations. Because of this personal approach, Combs Builders offers a home building experience not possible with most other builders.

Each of our homes is unique because we build your home, not a catalogued plan off a store room shelf.

We can build your new home on your lot, or gladly show you the lots we have available. Combs Builders is fully insured and a member of the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association.

Thinking of building your new home yourself?  Combs Builders has a program where we can “consult” or “assist” you with your new home or remodeling project. Building a new home is a huge undertaking with a variety of obstacles that are ever changing and unique for each property and building jurisdiction.  As an experiened builder with over 30 years in the business, Combs Builders can navigate through these obstacles efficiently and with the homeowner’s best interest in mind.  Even a homeowner with some construction experience may find the amount of work, on-site time, and industry knowledge required to build a quality home to be more than initially anticipated.

Making a few phone calls to sub-contractors at the beginning and end of each day does not get the job done. There are many questions and issues that arise during the course of any particular day. On-site availability to address these concerns with the sub-contractors avoids delays, mistakes, and added costs.

Building a new home requires a significant time committment from the owner just to make all of the material selections: brick, shingles, windows, plumbing and electrical fixtures, flooring, cabinets, counter tops, etc, etc.  Now pile on top of that the responsibility of scheduling and working with up to possibly 50 different sub contractors and suppliers, AND still working their regular job, and you may have a situation that just becomes too much to handle successfully.  In this tough economy, many sub-contractors and suppliers will require payment for services and materials at time of completion or delivery when working with someone other than an established builder – this means being at the job site with check book in hand on almost a daily basis.  Also, many lenders will not commit funds in the form of a Construction Loan to someone that has not enlisted the services of an experienced builder.

Building your own home can be a source of great pride and accomplishment with what seems like at first a financial gain, but in reality is usually a great deal of stress and uncertainty that can lead to tension with family members and job responsibilities and added costs due to mistakes and delays.  After considering the pros and cons to building your own home and you feel you want to do the project without hiring a full time builder, Comb s Builders may still be able to help.  Combs Builders can be hired on an hourly basis for consultation and also may be hired to perform certain tasks of your project.

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Combs Builders, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association.

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